Accessing the New Indiana Digital Library

Update on accessing the new digital library! You will not be automatically switched over to the new consortium, so to gain access to all the new great content, there are a few very simple steps:

  • Open the Libby app on your device. You should be signed into the Indiana Digital Download Center through your library. Go to your search button.
  • Search for the Indiana Digital Library and select “Add Library.” You will need to select the 186+ libraries button and scroll through the list of libraries down to ‘M’ to find Monterey Tippecanoe-Public Library.
  • You will be prompted to add a card, enter your library card number just as you did when first signing into Libby.

That’s it! You will now have access to to collection of ebooks and audiobooks from almost 200 lbraries across the state. The new consortium will have a team of librarians actively monitoring holds and purchasing additional copies of books that have long wait lists. This means you shouldn’t have to wait as long to get the books you want to read!

If you are currently using the OverDrive app, you might consider making the switch to the Libby app. The OverDrive app is no longer supported and the Libby app is the updated version of it’s original app, and it has more streamlined, user friendly interface.

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