Borrower Policies

  1. Unrestricted materials may be borrowed from the Monterey-Tippecanoe Public Library under the following requirements:Person checking out materials MUST
    • Present their own valid resident Library card. (A $1.00 fee will be charged to replace a damaged or lost card.)
    • Be in good standing (no fines, no over-dues) at the Library.
    • DVD Borrowers must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Limit DVD to home use only – any other use represents a violation of the copyright law.
  2. Books and Magazines may be checked out for a 4 week period. LATE RETURN WILL RESULT IN A .05 CENT PER ITEM, PER DAY FINE.
  3. Individual DVD’s may be checked out for a two day period and Series titles will be for a one week loan period.  LATE RETURN WILL RESULT IN A $.50  PER DVD, PER DAY FINE.
  4. The borrower is responsible for any damage or loss of materials while in their possession.
  5. No reserves can be placed on DVDs. They will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Only four (4) new DVD (latest 25 titles) can be checked out per household. No limit on old releases.
  7. Materials May Be returned in drop box after hours.

Computer Usage Policy

Before using the Internet all patrons must have a signed Internet access agreement on file. If under 18, a parent must also sign this form. Internet time is limited to a total of 2 hours per day with 1/2 hour intervals imposed if there is a waiting line. There is a charge of 15 cents per page for black & white and 25 cents per page for color for all printouts and copies.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Monterey-Tippecanoe Twp. Public Library offers access to the Internet in keeping with its desire to meet the educational, informational, and entertainment needs of the community.

Monterey-Tippecanoe Twp. Public Library has no control over resources on the Internet and is not responsible for the content of materials on the Internet. Patrons are responsible for the information they encounter. Parents or legal guardians of minor children are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet, and are encouraged to share their child’s computer experience.

Monterey-Tippecanoe Twp. Public Library has the right to establish and enforce rules and regulations concerning the use of the Internet and to modify those rules at any time without notice.

In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the library has installed filtering software designed to prevent access to material that may be harmful to minors. However, users should be aware that filtering software may unintentionally block sites that have legitimate research value or fail to block objectionable content. Filtering software is not a substitute for parental involvement and oversight.

The following guidelines offer Monterey-Tippecanoe Twp. Public Library’s definition of acceptable Internet use. Failure to abide by this agreement will result in suspension or revocation of Internet use privileges.

  • Access to the Internet via the library’s resources (using the library’s computers or the library’s wireless Internet access) implies agreement with this policy.
  • Users must refrain from inappropriate Internet conduct. Examples of such are (but not limited to) as follows:
    1. Use of the Internet to violate any local, state or federal law.
    2. Use of the Internet to send, receive or display material that is obscene, subversive, offensive or illegal.
    3. Use of the Internet for solicitation, advertisement, or for any other commercial purposes.
    4. Other activities that could interfere with or disrupt network users, services, or equipment.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time users may spend online.

The privacy and/or safety of electronic transmissions cannot be guaranteed. What’s more, since patron computers are located in public areas of the library, others may be able to see what is displayed on the monitors. If a patron chooses to bring in his/her own computer or software for use in the library, the library is not responsible for damage to that computer or software or for corruption of the data, including corruption caused by virus or spyware infection.

Library staff has sole authority for determining if patron behavior is inappropriate. Computer usage may be monitored.

Library staff has the authority to end an Internet session and/or revoke Internet use privileges if inappropriate behavior occurs.

Approved by Monterey-Tippecanoe Twp. Public Library Board of Trustees 11/27/2012.